“Fear of hospital kills, with chest pain go right away”

“The fear of going to the hospital kills, especially in the case of a heart attack, when every minute counts. As cardiologists we are worried, in the face of an increase in hospitalizations for Covid, that what happened last year, in the first pandemic wave, may repeat itself. , when there was a total collapse in the number of patients who went to the emergency room for suspected heart attacks, with a 50% reduction in accesses. And this increased avoidable deaths “. Francesco Romeo, president of the Onlus ‘Italian Heart Circulation Foundation’ reminds time.news Salute that, shortly, he will launch a campaign that invites us not to forget cardiovascular diseases which “are the first cause of mortality in the world”.

“This new pressure on first aid and intensive care in recent days makes us fear a possible return to that attitude of fear, of distrust, of hesitation to go to hospital at the first hint of an acute coronary syndrome. In case of chest pain. you always have to go to the hospital because, I will never tire of repeating it, in a heart attack, the intervention time is fundamental “, underlines Romeo who highlights how every hospital, despite Covid,” contemplates space for other pathologies “.

In general, “for cardiological patients – explains Romeo – greater attention is needed. First of all, it is necessary to include them among fragile patients because, together with the over 80s, they are the ones who die the most. In a study I wrote last year with some American colleagues I indicated the ‘deadly quartet’: old age, respiratory diseases, Covid and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, we must consider the priority for cardiac patients in the vaccination campaign, they should be immunized just after the age of eighty. need to consider heart patients in the ‘frail’ category, because unfortunately in the group of people who die, if affected by Covid, there are, after the age of eighty, patients with frailty: heart disease, oncology, severe hematology “.

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