First 3D Printed Eye Implanted in Patient: “Better Than Acrylic”

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The world’s first fully digital prosthetic eye created for a patient was implanted in London to a 47-year-old man who has been using an ocular prosthesis since he was 20

A 3D printed eye was implanted in a 47-year-old from London. This was announced by the Moorfields Eye Hospital which points out how this “is the first fully digital prosthetic eye in the world created for a patient “, the British media reported.

Steve Verze, this is the patient’s name, he first tried his new eye on November 11th, along with a traditional acrylic prosthesis. On November 25, he returned home with only his 3D printed eye. “I’ve needed an ocular prosthesis since I was 20 and have always felt uncomfortable,” Verze said. “This new eye looks great“.

Compared to traditional acrylic prosthesis, the 3D printed ocular prosthesis is more realistic and defined, and gives the perception of the real depth of the pupil. Unlike traditional methods, uses eye scans instead of an invasive mold of the eye socket. Also there speed of the production process, they point out from the hospital, is an element that could favor the use of 3D printed ocular prostheses.

“Traditional acrylic prosthetic eyes are hand painted and require about six weeks to complete. With 3D printing, once scanned, the prosthesis can be printed within two and a half hours. It is then sent to an ophthalmologist to be finished, polished and adapted. The whole process only takes two or three weeks“.

“We are excited about the potential of this fully digital prosthetic eye,” says Professor Mandeep Sagoo, eye care consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital. “The hope is that the upcoming clinical trial will deliver solid evidence on the value of this new technology, showing the difference it makes for patients and how useful it is to reduce waiting lists. “

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