Five people on Omikron’s doctor’s contact list in Karnataka: Kovid | covid 19

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BENGALURU: Five people in Karnataka’s contact list of one of the two confirmed by Omicron are Kovid positive. The Karnataka government said it had isolated them and sent samples for genome testing. Omikron was confirmed for two men, aged 66 and 46, the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday evening.

The 46-year-old, who was confirmed by Omikron, was a doctor from Bangalore and had received two doses of the vaccine, NDTV reported. Reported. On November 21, he developed a fever and body aches. The next day, he was diagnosed with the disease and admitted to the hospital. His samples were sent the same day for genetic sequencing. He was discharged three days later. The Karnataka government said the 46-year-old doctor had 13 people on the primary contact list and more than 250 on the secondary contact list.

The second confirmed by Omikron is a 66-year-old South African citizen. He came to India with a Kovid negative report. He had received two doses of Kovid Wax. But on arrival after his arrival in India, he was tested positive. He had no symptoms. Self-isolation was then prescribed. A week later, he was tested in a private lab and received a negative certificate. He then went to Dubai. The test results of 24 persons in the primary contact list of the South African citizen and 240 persons in the secondary contact list are negative.

content highlights: five contacts of omicron patient tested postive for covid


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