For the first time… a dinosaur was found on the day of the asteroid fall

For the first time… a dinosaur was found on the day of the asteroid fall
According to recent reports, archaeologists found the fossil of a dinosaur that died on the day when a huge asteroid fell to Earth 66 million years ago, and led to massive destruction.

The researchers believe that the dinosaurs have disappeared from Earth due to the fall of an asteroid, amid hopes that the fossil will help provide fuller explanations about what happened.

The fossil was found at a site called “Tanes” in North Dakota, USA, while a documentary is being arranged that will talk about the matter.

The discovery came after researchers continued to dig at the site for about ten years, and then found the fossil of a dinosaur of the “thelisaur” class, which was characterized by a small size and ate on the grass.

The researchers explained that no dinosaur had ever been found who had died as a result of the impact of the huge asteroid on Earth.

The very fact that the dinosaur fossil was present at the site is astonishing, said Robert de Palma, a researcher from the University of Manchester who led the excavation.

It is likely that the dinosaur that was found witnessed the end of what is known as crustaceans.

The asteroid “Chixulub”, which is the size of Mount Everest, fell on the Gulf of Mexico, causing floods and tsunamis.

The fall of the asteroid resulted in the disappearance of several plants and animals in an area that extends to thousands of kilometers.

It is expected that accurate details of what happened will be shown in a documentary film that was filmed over a period of three years.


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