padachone ingalu katholi movie pack up: Sreenath Bhasi, Grace Antony and Ann Sheetal ‘Padachone Ingal Katholi’ Complete – sreenath bhasi, ann seethal and grace antony starrer padachone ingalu katholi movie pack up

The shooting of the movie ‘Padachone Ingal Katholi’ directed by Bijith Bala has been completed in and around Kozhikode. The film is presented as a completely satirical family film. The film is being produced by Josekutty Mathil and Ranjith Manamprakattu under the banner of Tiny Hands Productions.

The film is being produced by Tiny Hands Productions after Water and Dad. The film stars Srinath Bhasi and Ann Sheetal in the lead roles. Harish Kanaran, Grace Antony, Johnny
The film also stars Antony, Dinesh Prabhakar, Nirmal Palazhi, Alansier, Mamukoya, Vigilesh, Ranjith Manamprakattu, Shruthi Lashmi, Nisha Mathew, Nathaniel Motil, Unni Cheruvathur and Ranjith Kankol in the lead roles.

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Sunny Wayne plays an important role. Sunny Wayne plays a pivotal role in the film’s storyline. The film is a clean entertainment that focuses on love, music and humor in a rural setting.
The film manages to entertain as well as inform.
It is also one of the best popular genres of recent times.
The script is written by Pradeep Kumar Kavum Thara.

Music Shaan Rahman Vishnu Prasad is the cinematographer. Editing. Kiran Das. Art Direction.Arkan S. Karma. Makeup: Ranjith Manalipparambil, Costume – Design.- Sujith Mattannoor, Executive Producers – Antappan Illikattil – Perur James.
Chief Associate Director – Shiju Sulekhabashir, Associate Directors – Kiran Kamprath, Shahid Anwar, Jenny Ann Joy, Still Photography. Libison Gopi.
Production Executive – Prasad Nambiankavu. Production Controller – Deepak Parameswaran.
Vazhoor Jose.

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