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Was it all just an act …?

Almost ten years ago, singer Loona (46) and ex-GNTM candidate Gina-Lisa Lohfink (34) caused a sensation with their smooch photos. They are said to have been a couple at the time, but after only a few months they went their separate ways again.

Now they can be seen together again: Loona and Gina-Lisa are currently taking part in the TV show “Battle of Reality Stars”.

And there Loona now explains what was really going on back then. The singer: “That was all fake and a pure PR scam!”

Photo: Karl Vandenhole / obs

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THESE three women will no longer be friends (from left): Loona, Claudia Obert and Gina-Lisa LohfinkPhoto: Karl Vandenhole / obs

But apparently Gina-Lisa sees it very differently. She says that their relationship was anything but fake: “For me there were really feelings and I was serious.”

According to Loona, Gina-Lisa only played in her video, nothing more went. Loona didn’t find the hustle and bustle around the two of them bad at all: “It’s great, everyone wanted something from us,” said the singer today.

Potential for conflict among the reality stars!

Because in addition to Loona, there is another candidate waiting for Gina-Lisa who could spoil her mood: Prince Frédéric von Anhalt (78). She wanted to be adopted by him once.

And Jenny Elvers’ son Paul (20) also comes to the Thai dream beach in episode one. Society Trash Queen Claudia Obert (59) is waiting for him there …



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