Have a beautiful Sunday

Have a beautiful Sunday

AEven in times of greatest concern, there are always reassuring signs of normality. No, we don’t mean the Hungarians who are themselves opposing the EU this week, that’s higher politics. In the lowlands of the local traffic, we welcome the routine matter of course with which the law enforcement officers set up mobile radar devices. For a few days, such a trailer speed camera, which of course only serves to ensure safety, has been crouching at the exit of a Frankfurt underpass. If you are lucky and have a car, you will at least see light at the end of the tunnel.

On the other hand, the city definitely needs money, you have to understand that. Everyone needs money. The European Central Bank ECB has inflation under control, but unfortunately inflation doesn’t know that. Which is why it has now risen to 5.8 percent. The worst fare came from heating oil and motor fuels, which were 37 and 24 percent more expensive than in the same month last year. Women’s clothing, on the other hand, has only become 4 percent more expensive, which for men can only mean: drive less and wear more skirts.

If you don’t like dealing with percentages because they are so hard to grasp and statistics are a technical economic term, let me say in the spirit of Verona Feldbusch: You’ll get help here. The friendly energy supplier is offering fresh household electricity this week for 40 cents per kWh instead of the previous 27 cents. Heating oil is available at a record rate of 130 to 150 euros per hundred liters. Premium petrol and diesel have reached new highs of EUR 1.90 and EUR 1.80 per liter. A tonne of pellets is available this February at a bargain price of 380 euros, which is only 170 euros more than a year ago. Only those who want a Playstation 5 or a Dyson hair dryer are fine, because they don’t exist. And now no more cars. But from today on Sundays in the newspaper there will always be three pages of technology and engines. That’s something.


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