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There will be promotion and promotion in the field of work. You may have to stay away from home professionally. With the support of relatives, the lovers can get married. Mediate property disputes.


Unexpected financial gain can be expected. Attempts for foreign work will be successful. Freedom from financial troubles. Mangala will be related to deeds. Money will come into possession through the sale of land.


Spouse’s ailments will subside. Those working in the field of art can demonstrate excellence. Marriage of relatives will take place and related to it. Self-effort success in business. Financial gains will bring happiness. Responsibilities keep increasing.


Unnecessary expenses will increase. Will try to increase the comfort of life. Things can be done by own ability. Additional cost will be incurred. Home appliances will be bought. There is a yoga to get ancestral property.


Things that are intended in the mind are not immediately possible. Health will be poor. Bladder diseases can be contracted. Money will increase. There may be unnecessary expenses. Long distances will be required. There will be differences with those who used to behave closely.


Financial problems will directly bother you. Will experience the quality of children. Health problems. Candidates can get appointment orders. The career field will be prosperous and will engage in arguments. There will be money spent on vehicle repairs.


Cure will be achieved. Setbacks in lawsuits. Will visit the holy place. Efforts in the field of work will be worth the results. Problems and verbal disputes in married life will subside. Profit in money transactions.


You may face financial loss due to negligence. Opposition from trusted friends can cause mental distress. Government employees are displeased by their superiors. Slight objections in business. Marital strife will end.


Distance from relatives will end. Sickness of children. Small problems with friends. Financially favorable. Prosperity for children. Admission to new courses. Rest will decrease.

the son

Possibility of quarrel with others in public places. Be extra careful with money transactions. Father is ill. Those who were in favor will be opposed. Career benefits. Those planning to get married may have to wait a little longer.


Unexpected financial loss will be faced. It is better to postpone the decision to buy vehicle and land. You may face financial problems. Avoid long distance travel as much as possible. Unexpected job losses for those working in the private sector.

the answer

You will get help from close relatives. Government employees will get promotion. Favorable week for students. Good luck in competitive exams. Those involved in lawsuits will get success. Relief for those who are troubled without children.


You will be saved from accidents due to the intervention of a close friend. Items that were thought to be lost will be returned. A change of residence may occur. Officers will be able to transfer and get preferred post. Will be involved in things that cost money. Jana Sammithi for those working in the field of public works.


Health will improve. You will have to spend money on home renovations. Will suffer from motion sickness. Marriage of children will be decided. Will pass the competitive exam and interview. Be careful not to catch allergies from cosmetics.

the question

Opposition from siblings can cause mental distress. Responsibility will increase in work. There will be love. Professional travel will be required. There will be benefits from own business. Friends will have to help.


Probability through relatives. Wishes that existed in the mind will be possible. The week is not good for health. Aushadha Seva will be required. It is possible to complete the work that has been undertaken in progress in matters postponed due to financial difficulties.

the shadow

Expect financial gain from land. Candidates can get favorable orders. There can be great job satisfaction. Laziness will catch up. Prosperity for children. Will return home from abroad. Friends will help. Financial expenses will increase.


Some important things will have to be postponed. Progress on marriage plans. Vehicle repairs. Financial loss in business. Eating pleasure will decrease. Attention to health matters will decrease.

Due to

Opportunity to taste new food items. Be careful not to jump into unnecessary arguments. Financial problems will be overcome. Success in lawsuits. The work undertaken will be completed. Excessive stress. Rest will be less.


Travels will bring happiness. Increase in family comfort. Will visit holy places. Food will be good. New clothing and jewelry savings. Financial expenses will increase. Money will be spent on useless items later. There will be unreasonable opposition from relatives.


Unexpected journeys will be required. Mental happiness will increase. Friends will gather. Home repairs will be required. Obstacles will be removed and progress will be made. New household appliances will be purchased.


Business expenses will increase. The couple will travel together. Will take leave from work. Will visit the holy place. Money expenses for travel, possibility of skin disease.

That’s it

Will think about new projects. Health problems will subside. The happiness of the mind will increase and the money will increase. Family trips will be taken. Expect financial gain from land. Neighbors will get help.


Benefits for life partner. Health problems will subside. Good changes and benefits in work. Mental happiness will increase. Debts can be reduced. Will be successful in trying for foreign jobs. Debts can be paid off.


You will get praise from your superiors. Risk of injury to two-wheeler riders. Possibility of repairs to the vehicle. Disputes with colleagues will be resolved. Any kind of obstacles can be overcome. Manipulation in behavior will earn resentment.


You will get food of your choice. Benefits will increase due to relatives. Litigants can expect success. Will get support from relatives. You will have to seek help from others for financial assistance.


You will face opposition from close relatives. Financial losses from owning businesses, often requiring long journeys. Plans that had ensured success will face setbacks. A professional change can be expected. There will be foreign residence and visit to holy places.

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Perunna, Changanassery

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English Summary : Weekly Star Prediction by Sajeev Shasthram / 2022 August 21 to 27


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