IEEE – Europe’s new Maritime Security Strategy 2023.

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2023-12-04 07:00:00


The new European Maritime Security Strategy 2023.- Augusto Conte de los Ríos

The sea has always played a fundamental role in the success of any power. The European Union’s new Maritime Security Strategy seeks to strengthen Europe’s autonomy amid growing threats to maritime security. The strategy highlights the importance of shipping routes and submarine cable networks as vital elements in the globalized economy. The demand for maritime resources, such as hydrocarbons and minerals, drives an increase in the importance of naval forces. The new European Maritime Strategy focuses on awareness of the maritime domain and the need to respond to changing challenges in the maritime environment, while addressing transformations in naval warfare. This article analyzes the changes in the last decade and the news of this new strategy.

Document prepared by Augusto Conte de los Ríos. Doctor in History and analyst. @BaturrilloSUB

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