Iniesta promoted a crypto platform and was reprimanded in Spain

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Andres Iniesta is making a name for himself in the Japanese Whistle Cuba and his business is also thriving, but even one of the best kids in world football has gotten into trouble. Ex-Barcelona posted a post on his social media in which he promoted the crypto trading platform, Bainnes, and was reprimanded by the Spanish regulator.

Next to a picture of him posing in front of the platform, the gifted contact tweeted: “I’m learning how to get started with crypto using Bainnes.” On Instagram, the post received close to 300,000 likes, and on Twitter the exposure to it was particularly high.

Hours after Iniesta’s announcement, Spain’s capital regulator tweeted its own response: “Crypto assets are unsupervised products and carry significant risks.” The regulator argues in other words that it is worth getting the full information on cryptocurrencies before investing in them or imploring others to do so.


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