Iran, Yekta disappeared at 14 while protesting for Mahsa Amini. To parents: “They’re chasing me” –

Iran, Yekta disappeared at 14 while protesting for Mahsa Amini.  To parents: “They’re chasing me” –

2023-09-19 14:27:24

There has been no news from him since September 16, the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death: his cell phone has been turned off since that afternoon

There is a new photo, a new face, which has been circulating for hours on the social profiles of NGOs, activists and Iranian citizens. It is that of Yekta Dodangeh, 14 years old, from Tehran, who last September 16 took part in the protests in the capital on the anniversary of the killing of Mahsa Amini: since that day there has been no news of her.

At 4.30pm he called his family on the phone, probably from Azadi Square: “The agents are chasing me.” It would appear that she managed to escape into the surrounding alleys. From that moment on, her cell phone was turned off.
Little is known about her. All we know is that her parents turned to the Tehran police, to no avail. She fears for her fate, because the stories that come to us from Iran are so similar that they are scary. Nika Shakarami, Aida Rostami, and dozens of other girls over the past year have first been made to disappear for days before their deaths are discovered. «She is only 14 years old», they write on social media, «help us find her».

Despite the repression, on September 16 in dozens of cities Iranian men and women returned to protest and demand the end of the Islamic Republic. Among them there was also Yekta Dodangeh, a very young girl who, together with the others, dreams of the end of the theocracy.

“The anniversary of Mahsa’s death marked the beginning of a calendar full of other anniversaries,” says Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, founder of the Norway-based NGO Iran Human Rights. In just a few months, the dictatorship has put 20 to 30 thousand people in prison, killed at least 537, which means that there are another 536 anniversaries that are about to arrive and that could turn into street demonstrations, rallies in front of cemeteries: the terror of the ayatollahs.
Moghaddam recalls: «The protests never ended. Only one thing is clear to all of us: there is no turning back.”

September 19, 2023 (changed September 19, 2023 | 2.26pm)

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