Is the health reform going to extras or not? The Petro Government continues with the confusion and contradicts itself

Is the health reform going to extras or not?  The Petro Government continues with the confusion and contradicts itself

He government of Gustavo Petro change your mind again less than one day after the date for present the health reform to Congress. And it is that this Monday, after presenting the National Development Plan, they announced that the project was no longer going to be presented in extraordinary sessions, as planned, but that it would be postponed until March. However, in the middle of an interview on Blu Radio, The Minister of the Interior and spokesman for the Presidency, Alfonso Prada, assured that the reform will finally be presented in the coming days and that it will come loaded with surprises.

“It will be presented in the next few days, I give you that scoop, We are in the final draft of the articles, taking care of every last detail. If the project goes to extra sessions”, assured Prada, who also explained that special attention is being paid to the modifications that will come for the transitional regime, which will be the most complex articulated because “There is a change in the model towards primary care, towards basic care and towards a regime that is going to change the payment system”, he pointed out.

Thus, this project that has been one of the most controversial points of the petro government would enter extra sessions under the decree with which the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, summoned for February 6 and March 15, and which includes, in addition to the Executive Development Plan, 12 more initiatives.

The health reform that generated not only tensions within the government itself, but also between the ruling party and the opposition, will come with surprises according to the minister, since they have managed to reach agreements with those who have questioned the project, such as the President of the Senate, Roy Barreras and Minister Alejandro Gaviriabut not before noting that the essence will not be lost that President Petro raised from the outset.

there will be a lot of surprise with the final text. We have talked a lot with Roy and Gaviria and More and more agreements are reached. It is a government that listens and analyzes because the president is critical and self-critical, I think there will be a good environment to process the reform. More than one is going to be surprised”, assured Prada.

On January 29, at the end of the Council of Ministers in Villa de Leyva (Boyacá), the Government revealed that it would take the initiative to the extra sessions, looking for it to have the highest level of discussion and socialization.

“Today we continue working on the subject in the morning, we are very dedicated to make the best version of this project that it has been controversial, that it will be controversial”, confirmed the minister.


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