Labio 4.0 Marino Golinelli, R&D center that speaks Italian

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Made in Italy is the protagonist of the birth of ‘Labio 4.0 Marino Golinelli’. In fact, dozens of Italian companies are involved in setting up the new Research and Development laboratories dedicated to pharmaceutical technology and analytical chemistry in the Alfasigma plant in Pomezia, inaugurated this morning.

From design to implementation, the entire Labio 4.0 revamping project was managed by local realities and professionals. Not only. 70% of the high-tech machinery present is produced by Italian companies, many of which are the flagships of industry and national engineering, leaders in their respective sectors. These include: CSV life science, an engineering company from Milan, the P&F Consortium from Latina, IMA SpA (active division – solidoralforms), a Bologna-based company leader in its sector, CSV Containment for insulation, Monlab from Carpi and Vibrating Screen TAIM from Atessa.

With an area of ​​5,600 square meters, the center is the result of an initial investment of 17 million euros, with still a large potential for development and which takes its name from the founder of the then biochemists ALFA, knight Marino Golinelli, now honorary president of Alfasigma. The company’s R&D department employs 138 researchers, most of whom are women (86 women and 52 men). Labio 4.0 hosts about half of these researchers who are distributed in the two R&D centers of Pomezia and Bologna.

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