Latest Tamil News Online at Puthiyathalaimurai – Stay Informed!

Latest Tamil News Online at Puthiyathalaimurai – Stay Informed!

A man from Chennai named Deepak was recently stopped by police while driving his car, and was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. However, Deepak claims that he does not drink alcohol and that the breathalyzer machine must have malfunctioned. The police insisted that he had been drinking and asked him to sign a receipt related to driving after consuming alcohol. Deepak continued to argue his case, and the police eventually tested him twice more with a different breathalyzer machine before releasing him. The incident was caught on camera and has since gone viral. The Additional Commissioner of Chennai Traffic Police has said that they will investigate the matter, though he has also stated that there have been no problems with the 320 breathalyzer machines used by the Chennai Police thus far.

  • By PT
  • Mar 28,2023 03:12 PM

The Additional Commissioner of Chennai Traffic Police has said that they are going to investigate a person who is not addicted to alcohol because the breathalyzer showed that he had consumed alcohol.

Deepak hails from Saligramam area of ​​Chennai. He had gone to Rayapetta area for work and was going to Saligramam in his car via Eldams Road. Thenampet law and order constables Ilangovan and others who were on duty there wrapped Deepak’s vehicle. They tested him with a breathalyzer machine to see if he had consumed alcohol. The police said that Deepak had been drinking at the time and Deepak had 45 percent alcohol in his body. Deepak, who has no habit of drinking alcohol, is shocked to hear this.

He argued with the policemen that he was not in the habit of drinking alcohol and that your machine was malfunctioning. Then the police insisted on signing the receipt regarding driving after drinking alcohol. As Deepak continued to argue that he had not been drinking, the police took another breathalyzer machine from the vehicle and tested it twice. Deepak was later released by the police.

In this case, the video footage of the police force has been released and is now going viral. Regarding this, Additional Commissioner of Chennai Traffic Police Kapil Kumar Saradkar said, ‘Until now, such an incident has not happened. Chennai Police has 320 Breathalyzer machines. He has said that there were no such problems in it. However, he said that he is going to investigate the matter.


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