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SANT’ANGELO CITY. A new pedestrian traffic light was installed a few days ago on the Lungofino, in the San Martino Bassa area, in Città Sant’Angelo, to meet the needs of the population and regulate circulation in a particularly busy area.
For many years in the same point there was a traffic light now in disuse, unusable, which the locals have repeatedly asked for redevelopment, also through collections of signatures and petitions.
The point in fact involves a pedestrian crossing, rather used and made sensitive precisely by the volume of traffic present on that stretch of road. The various accidents, including fatalities, which have occurred over time, have only exacerbated the sense of danger, which prompted the administration to intervene.
A few days ago the new device went into operation, with the task of regulating the flow and speed of vehicles in order to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Not only that: surveillance cameras have also been installed on the renewed system, which will have the task of monitoring vehicles in transit and the territory.
Thanks to new technologies, in fact, the cameras in a few days will have a double utility. The first allows the connection with the device supplied to the police forces, through which it is possible to carry out a real-time check of the license plate of vehicles in transit, in order to verify the insurance coverage and the effectiveness of the revision, with the possibility of immediate dispute in case of transgression.
The second, on the other hand, aims at a 360-degree control of the road artery, with the eyes of the cameras constantly operating to monitor all traffic, always by reading the license plate of passing vehicles. Obviously, the data collected ends up in a server capable of guaranteeing the privacy of the user and at the same time, however, available in the event that it is necessary to consult them for any infringements.
While, as mentioned, the traffic light for pedestrian crossing has already been in operation for about a week, for the use of the surveillance cameras it is necessary to wait a few more days, waiting for the works to be completed and the connection to the network to be perfected. . From what we learn, the start could arrive around the middle of the month, so as to restore control and security to the residents of the entire district of San Martino which overlooks the Lungofino.
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