Maimon and Rita’s songs in an exciting reveal: “Closing a Circle”

Maimon uploaded the story and on top of it she wrote “Closing a circle with Rita, my love. I sang this song in Kochav Nold 19 years ago and this is the first time we performed together”, when in this story she added Rita’s tag.

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As you may recall, at the beginning of the month we published that Shiri Maimon is expanding the family, after she published a video in which she shows off her pregnant belly while sitting on the dock and the song “Come from time to time” plays in the background. Post received enthusiastic and encouraging responses from the many local women of the swamp. Among others, Anna Aharonov who wrote “A stunning good time”, and little Michal who commented “My darling, I have chills all over my body, supreme happiness”. The next star’s Facebook page commented “another star on the way”.

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