Maturity, there is Verga among the tracks. But Cucinotta: “Too sad for young people and for the moment they live”

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The Sicilian actress: “My graduation exam was a disaster: I did it as an external because I worked at” Back all the way “and I had already lost a year in middle school”

from Clara Bianchi

There is also the Sicilian Giovanni Verga in the traces of the Italian high school diploma 2022. His short story «Nedda, Sicilian Bozzetto» was proposed to the students, invited to a text of understanding, analysis and interpretation. But the choice does not fully convince a Sicilian doc, the actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta: «I adore Verga and the very beautiful but tragic stories of him. But his poetics are too sad for the young people of today and for the moment they are living. Perhaps, after everything they’ve been through in the last two years, from the lockdown for Covid, locked up at home and quiet in a corner, to the war, the kids would need a little cheer. Otherwise they will have no more hope. Instead, the tragic moment must be overcome by transforming it into an opportunity for rebirth. A drama can also be read as a new beginning, not as a failure ».

My exam? A disaster

Then a blast from the past: «My high school exam was a disaster – reveals Cucinotta – since I did it as an external because I worked in the Arbore« Back all »program. I had already lost a year in junior high. So I lost all the group squeeze, the anxiety to share with my mates, which instead I experienced when my daughter Giulia reached her high school graduation, who I chased all over the house with snacks because she suffered from stress nausea ».

In Palermo the text on racism is strong

In the small survey in front of the door of the Benedetto Croce scientific high school in Palermo near the historic market of Ballarò, understanding and analyzing the text by Liliana Segre and Gherardo Colombo on racism was the preferred test. «The text fascinated me. These are themes that stimulate me a lot », says Francesco Arrigo, one of the first to cross the exit and have delivered the theme. Many of his classmates are still struggling with the first written test of the maturity of 2022. «The texts were quite clear and understandable. Not particularly difficult. I liked Segre’s text right away and I like to tackle social and civil rights issues. After having commented on the text, I also expressed some considerations », adds the student. Is there racism in Palermo? “In my opinion, yes. – he replies – Of course there is a majority that fights for integration and cooperation, but in the city and in relationships there is racism. It is inherent in human nature ». Same trace for Michela Lo Presti student of the Vittorio Emanuele II high school, also herself conclusion. «I chose Liliana Segre’s text because I liked it very much. A track on which to be able to reflect and in the end make my considerations on what racism is for me and whether or not it is an outdated ideology. Unfortunately, I believe that he is still present in our company and also in Palermo ». On the other hand, there are those like Biagio Falcone to Benedetto Croce who chose the trace on hyperconnection on the text by Vera Gheno and Bruno Mastroianni. «These are issues that concern us children above all – says the student – I reflected on how much we live every day. In fact, when we post or comment on social networks, we must always keep our brains on. A very stimulating topic that will lead me to further investigate these topics. At the moment I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s math test ». Emanuele Riccioli and Giovanni Messina, also students of the scientific Benedetto Croce, have instead opted for Oliver Sacks’ text «Musicofilia» the power that music exercises on human beings. “That was also very beautiful,” they say.

June 22, 2022 | 13:13

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