Mauritania bans the movie ‘Barbie’ for going against Islamic ‘principles’

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2023-08-20 11:43:35

The Mauritanian authorities have banned the dissemination of the barbie movie and all propaganda related to the film, considering it a vehicle of moral corruption and violation of values Islamic

This was announced this Saturday by the president of the Advertising Regulatory Authority, Mohamed Abdellahi Lehbib, in a message on his Facebook page, in which he indicated that the measure was taken for the guidance and supervision of the Minister of Culture.

“We have proceeded to block the dissemination of the media propaganda of the film ‘Barbie’, which attacks the principles and values ​​of our society,” wrote Lehbib, who urged citizens to report any attempt to promote this film in any medium.

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The commercial for the film, which was released this year in the United States, caused a stir great controversy in the Mauritanian social networks, where the majority of Internet users expressed their opinion rejection and indignation for what they considered an offense to the country’s religion and culture.

The strongest criticism came from the organization of women of the Islamist party Tauasul, the main opposition, which qualified “Barbie” of “vector of the spread of perversion”, remembering that it has been banned in several Muslim countries.

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