“Memory” by Virasetakul will be released only in cinemas – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

This requirement is due to the American distributor of the film – the company Neon, which has chosen to show the film a new scheme of the so-called “endless rental”. That is, “Memory” will be held exclusively on large cinema screens, moving from city to city. This rule will be followed by the Russian distributor of the picture, the Russian Reportage company.

“Memory” is one of the most mysterious and unusual pictures, – says Roman Dorofeev, director of the rental company. – We would like the audience to fully experience the experience of immersion in the director’s plan. This is an event film, a travel film, which you need to tune in to watching and even prepare, if you like, similar to going to the theater. The “endless distribution” scheme in the USA is what seems logical and justified for such a film. We plan to adhere to a common strategy for the work of our American colleagues. The key vectors will be eventfulness and showing exclusively on the big screen. “

Memory is the first Thai director’s film to be filmed in English and Spanish in Colombia, starring Tilda Swinton. The genre is officially defined as “mystic”, although this does not in any way characterize the ornate structure of the film. The contemplative painting is Zen philosophy in full. Pantheistic and sensual: the rustle of grasses, the murmur of streams, the thunderous rumbling of clouds, the uterine rumble of the earth. Swinton plays the American Jessica, who came to Colombia to visit her sister Karen and her husband. Jessica suffers from a mysterious syndrome – she is frightened by the deaf, but powerful blows that only she hears. The mystical aura, characteristic of all of Virasetakul’s paintings, intrigues the audience for a long time, but the fantastic finale with a huge metal fish flying into space, finally farting with a shining halo, transfers everything into the register of absurdity. The constant theme of the director, who knows how to perceive the world in the indissoluble unity of the past and the present, remains the leading one here.

Film distribution in Russia starts on the last day of October at the Moscow Khudozhestvenny cinema.



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