Milan, 4 thousand per event No green pass: inconvenience for traffic in the center. Three people accompanied to the police station

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At least four thousand protesters’No Green pass’ they moved from piazza Fontana in Milan just before 6pm. Escorted by the police, the procession headed towards Porta Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires. The demonstration, which swelled as the procession traveled through the streets of the center, provoked inconvenience to city traffic, with some areas that have been closed to traffic. The participants, who at the head of the parade also exhibited a solidarity sign for a group of comrades hit by Daspo – with written “Educate to freedom” – have caused numerous traffic jams in the city center and the diversion of numerous surface public transport. A few moments of tension were experienced when a hundred militants tried to divert towards the ramparts of Porta Venezia, but the situation was immediately recomposed.

Several law enforcement officers lined up to try to contain the militants who have repeatedly sang the chorus ‘hands off work’, as well as insulting the premier Mario Draghi and the head of state Sergio Mattarella. Among the banners displayed, ‘green pass, injection of tyranny. Blackmailed only in Italy ‘ e ‘the mask silences the truth ‘. The police prevented the No green pass demonstration from entering the square of the Central Station, preventing the procession from entering all the streets that lead from Corso Buenos Aires to Piazza Duca d’Aosta. The demonstrators were then escorted to Piazzale Loreto – which was closed to traffic – where someone staged a sit-in, while others continued their chants, many of which in favor of Nunzia Alessandra Schiliró, Deputy Chief of Police, formerly head of the sexual violence section of the Roman Mobile Squad and now in force at Criminalpol, present at the No green pass demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. A fringe of the procession instead tried to head towards Viale Monza, rejected by the Police, heading instead along Via Padova. Three people were stopped and taken to the Police Headquarters for investigations, because they were responsible for resistence towards law enforcement personnel.

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