Mocha ad discontinued altogether, welcome to new ad for India-Pak match | IND : Star Sports Stops Mokka Mokka AD and Telecasts New AD Ahead Of IND vs PAK World Cup Clash


The much-awaited T20 World Cup 2022 will begin on October 16. Expectations for the match between arch rivals India-Pakistan are as high as the expectations of who will win the trophy in this series. Because these two countries have avoided bilateral series for the past 10 years due to border issues and only clash in such World Cup and Asia Cup.


Therefore, the match between these two teams has been raised many times more than before, and since 1992, the Indian player has defeated Pakistan in all the matches in the World Cup. So, if there is a World Cup match between India and Pakistan, everyone has an opinion that India will win it. Accordingly, India, who performed tremendously in the 2015 and 2019 World Cups, defeated Pakistan in a head-to-head match.

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Mocha Mocha:
So the former Indian players and fans had 100% confidence that the World Cup would surely defeat Pakistan. So the Star Sports television company, which broadcasts it, poured a lot of fuel on the pride fire that was mildly felt by the Indians. In other words, the company made an ad like a Pakistani fan who prepares firecrackers to celebrate Pakistan defeating India and then returns disappointed when they lose in the end.

Especially when he was young during the 2011 World Cup, he made him look old recently and became famous globally when Star Sports promoted Pakistan with the song “Mocha Mocha”. But India led by Virat Kohli lost by 10 wickets to Pakistan led by Babar Azam in the World Cup held in Dubai last year as per the rule that if it is a game then it must be lost one day.

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At that time, Indian fans who were proud of the fact that it took 30 years for the enemy to defeat us even though their heads were bowed down, criticized Star Sports TV on social media platforms for showing pride by running the “Mocha Mocha” advertisement. So Star Sports, which avoided those ads during the recent Asia Cup clash between India and Pakistan, has now created a new ad for the World Cup to match both sides.

Especially now, the company has truly created the reaction given by the Indian fans when it appeared for the first time last year. That is, a young Indian fan from a town called “Dardanapur” has experienced more pain than the pain he experienced when closing the car door, even when his relatives in his wrestling family put their hands in the hot oven, or even when lifting the bikes, because of the excessive pain he experienced when he lost to Pakistan for the first time in the 2021 T20 World Cup. A new ad has been created to request the Rohit Sharma-led Indian team to somehow win this time as they cried tears of joy.

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After a long time, this ad has been created to explain the reality equally to both the sides by respecting the opponent and not underestimating them, based on the result obtained in the last conflict and the real reaction given by India to it:

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“Mocha Mocha” is welcomed by many Indian fans as more morally honest than the advertisement. They say that the only way to win is to show talent on the field and not play at the beginning.



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