The Russian presidential administration did not adjust its working hours due to Western press reports about a possible invasion of Ukraine on the night of February 16, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said, RBC correspondent reports.

“Based on Western press reports on well-known topics [работу] didn’t correct. <...> We slept peacefully, in the morning we also calmly and businesslike started the working day, ”Peskov said, answering the question whether the Kremlin’s work schedule has changed in connection with the publications of foreign media.

The Kremlin considers the proposal of US President Joe Biden to resolve disputes with NATO and the United States through diplomacy as a positive signal, Peskov said, commenting on the US President’s address to the Russians.

“President Putin emphasizes our desire and readiness to enter into such negotiations, it is probably positive that the US President also states his readiness to start such negotiations,” Peskov said.

He also noted that it is important for Moscow that these topics are discussed in conjunction with key security topics for Russia. “It would be even more impressive if the US president also addressed the Ukrainian people and halted the Ukrainian people never to shoot at each other,” he added.

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