Lyssytchansk surrounded by pro-Russian separatists, kyiv denies

> Lyssytchansk, in eastern Ukraine, still at the heart of intense fighting The separatists supported by the Russian army claimed on Saturday July 2 to have “totally” surrounded Lyssytchansk, a city in eastern Ukraine at the heart of intense fighting in recent days. Claims denied in kyiv, which still affirms the “to control”. “Fighting is […]

Payment transaction security company Thales ceases operations in Russia

The French company Thales, which provides protection for payment transactions and the security of payment systems, has announced its withdrawal from the Russian market, Forbes writes citing a company representative. Thales creates high-tech products and services in several areas: digital identity and security, military, aerospace and transportation industries. Including the company ensured the security of […]

Russia increases its indiscriminate bombing campaign and kills 21 civilians in Odessa

The first missile has destroyed a nine-story apartment building / reuters The kyiv Government denounces that “the invaders cannot win on the battlefield and resort to cowardly murders” Just the day after its troops had to withdraw from Snake Island, of paramount importance for the defense of the Ukrainian coastline in the Black Sea, Russian […]

Nvidia stopped selling and renewing licenses for its software in Russia

Nvidia stopped selling and renewing licenses for its cloud gaming software to Russian companies. It is reported by “Kommersant”. Vitaly Starodubov, the founder of the Loudplay service (provides cloud gaming services based on Nvidia technologies), said that the developer no longer provides Russian companies with access to the Nvidia Grid system. This software is for […]

Nvidia did not renew the license for cloud gaming for Russian companies

The American company Nvidia refused to renew and sell licenses for its cloud gaming software to Russian companies, Vitaly Starodubov, founder of the Loudplay service, told Kommersant. Nvidia technologies allowed companies to optimize hardware performance and connect more players at the same time. The services of the service are also used by Sberbank and Yandex. […]

Rosatom, the Russian nuclear giant that sanctions do not touch

Rosatom is one of the world’s largest nuclear fuel and technology companies. And despite being a Russian public company, is off the radar of European sanctions and it is even allowed to export to Europe by plane, in principle in contradiction to the punishments approved so far by the European Union. Rosatom (Russian State Atomic […]

Gazprombank invested 33 million rubles in a new type of encephalograph

Gazprombank invested 33 million rubles. ($600,000) to QLU, which was spun off from the Russian Quantum Center (RQC), the bank said. QLU, founded in 2016 as M-Granat, is engaged in research on the electromagnetic activity of the brain (magnetoencephalography). Since 2016, Gazprombank’s investments in the project have exceeded $1 million. Gazprombank’s money will be used […]

In Ukraine, the Russian air campaign affects civilian populations

Four months of war will have been enough to turn them into banal scenes: an explosion captured by a grainy surveillance camera, swirling flames rising in a blue sky and, the next morning, the smoking desolation of the iron beams twisted and bodies pulled out by firefighters from the charred rubble. The Russian strike on […]

In western Ukraine, under constant threat from Russian missiles

Oleg is not a housewife. It’s not easy to sit in the small little studio cluttered with boxes and khaki clothes that this 50-year-old sergeant occupies with his dog, on the second floor of a dingy building. The crockery, however, gleams on parade on its drainer, and were it not for the gaping hole that […]

State Duma deputy proposed to develop a Russian game engine

State Duma deputy from United Russia Anton Gorelkin sent a proposal to the Ministry of Digital Development to create a Russian game engine. About this he declared in your Telegram channel. Mr. Gorelkin drew attention to the fact that the Russian shooter Atomic Heart from the Moscow studio Mundfish is being developed on the engine […]