Prandelli, the resignation from Fiorentina is official: Iachini- is back

Now it’s official: Cesare Prandelli resigned after only four months as coach of the viola team. A long letter explains, without revealing everything, the reasons for this choice, referring to “slag” and “Poisons”, and an “uneasiness” that has grown inside. A choice that arrived without particular ranking emergencies, ten days from the end of the championship, with the fifth-last team, plus 7 in the relegation zone.

«It is the second time that I leave Fiorentina – begins Prandelli’s note -. The first at the behest of others, today for my decision. In everyone’s life, as well as beautiful things, waste accumulates, poisons that sometimes bring you the bill all at once. At this moment in my life I am in a absurd discomfort that does not allow me to be what I am».

Cesare Prandelli, Fiorentina as love: Juve, the final of the European Championships as a coach, the disappearance of his wife, the return to purple
Prandelli as a footballer

So he decided to leave. A sudden decision, even if those who know him well understood that something was wrong. It was enough to look at his suffering after the clear victory of Benevento. For some weeks Prandelli has been fighting against his demons and in the end, as a gesture of love towards Fiorentina, which he loves as if it were his, he preferred to stop. On Monday evening he reached the final decision, on Tuesday morning he communicated it to the general manager Barone and the director general Pradè who understood. Now Fiorentina, who must win salvation, restarts from Beppe Iachini, exonerated on 9 November just to make room for Prandelli. And in two weeks, in Marassi against Genoa, a Serie A piece will be played.

Prandelli, on the other hand, will try to rediscover the lost serenity. The last days on the bench of his favorite team have been a kind of ordeal: “I’m very tired and quite empty inside,” he confessed after the victory in Benevento. And after the defeat against Milan he did not appear on the microphones and there was talk of a slight illness.

«I embarked on this new experience with joy and love, also carried away by the enthusiasm of the new owner. And it’s probably too much love for the city, for the memory of the good moments of sport that I lived there that I was blind to the first signs that something was wrong, something was not exactly in its place inside of me. My decision is dictated by the enormous responsibility that I have first of all for the players and for the club, but not least for the respect I owe to the Fiorentina fans. Whoever goes on the pitch at this level undoubtedly has a specific talent, whoever has talent is sensitive and I would never want my discomfort to be perceived and influenced the performance of the team ».

Prandelli continues: «In recent months, a shadow has grown inside me that has also changed my way of seeing things. I came here to give 100%, but as soon as I had the feeling that this was no longer possible, for the good of all I decided to take my step back. I thank Rocco Commisso and all his wonderful family, Joe Barone and Daniele Pradè, always close to me and the team, but above all I thank Florence that I know she will be able to understand. I am aware that my coaching career can end here, but I have no regrets and I don’t want to have any. Probably this world that I have been a part of all my life is no longer for me and I no longer recognize myself in it. I will certainly have changed and the world is going faster than I thought. This is why I believe that now the time has come to stop being carried away by this speed and to stop to find who I really am ».

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