Private establishments also require police clearance certificate : Nattu Visesham

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Kannur: Police for those joining private establishments in Kerala Recommendation that clearance certificate should be made mandatory.

The report in this regard will be submitted to the State Intelligence Department. Submitted to The report will be prepared on the basis of the cabinet discussions.

Many institutions in the state including international workers Vadhi is working. Those involved will work from areas with Maoist presence. There is

Those involved in crimes in other states, apprehended Lillikal works in various establishments in Kerala. The intelligence department has received the information.

Kannur Model Raid
At the state level

The hartal called by the Popular Front led to widespread violence in the state. Tons of Workers working in some establishments are behind the attack. The secret investigation department had submitted the report.

On the basis of this, the establishment of those associated with the Popular Front Among them, the police raided in Kannur.

However, the address of the employees working in their establishment Not even in many establishments, the police raided.

Violent conspiracy took place in many institutions of the state. They were also in the centres.

Parking centers and godowns are all centrally planned. He also got the information to the police.

Organizations associated with the Popular Front are in hiding. Central Government and State Govt. At the same time, V in Kannur is in the background of seeking the report. The examination was conducted in the courts.

Kannur Model Raid to be conducted in many districts of the state The department has issued instructions.


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