Qatar Covid Report: Kovid cases on the rise in Qatar; 741 new patients

Doha, First Published Jan 1, 2022, 12:05 AM IST

Doha: More than 741 people have been confirmed to be covid in Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health said on Friday. Another 182 patients were cured in the country. A total of 2,45,530 people have been diagnosed with the disease so far.

Of the newly confirmed Kovid cases, 533 were through contact and 208 were from abroad. A new death was reported from Kovid. A total of 618 people have died of measles in Qatar. A total of 2,50,528 people have been confirmed by Kovid in the country.

Currently, 4,380 people are being treated for Kovid. A further 29,978 Kovid tests were performed. So far, 3,174,433 Kovid tests have been conducted in Qatar. In the last 24 hours, three more people have been admitted to the intensive care unit with Kovid infection. Currently, there are 25 people in the intensive care unit.

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022, 12:05 PM IST



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