“Rampambam.. I was not invited to sing for the song” – actress Khushboo sad

Director Sundar C has directed ‘Koffee With Love’ starring Jeeva, Jai and Srikanth. The film stars Malavika Sharma, Amrita and Aishwarya Dutta as female leads. Music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, the film will release on October 7.

On this occasion, the trailer of the film which was released yesterday is getting good response among the fans. Also, all the songs released in Yuvan music are getting attention of many people. Director Sundar C has composed the song ‘Rambam Arambam…’ which was released in the film ‘Michael Madana Kamaraj’ starring Kamal and Khushboo. The song has also crossed 3 million views on YouTube.

Talking about this song, Kushboo said, “They have used the Rambampam song that I performed in this film but they did not invite me to sing in it. If they are going to shoot the song tomorrow, Sundar C told me in Chennai that we are going to shoot this song on the first day. How can I come if I say the first day? I am not present in the song that I acted in. He said it was sad.

Following this, the others are curious about it. When asked by C, Khushboo Aadi had already watched the entire song. He jovially managed to get you the Kushboova reels if you want.


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