Ready to face Dhanush’s case: Melur couple’s announcement

Ready to face Dhanush’s case: Melur couple’s announcement

May 27, 2022 – 12:21 IST

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The Madurai branch of the ICC has quashed a case filed by a Kathiresan-Meenakshi couple from Melur, Madurai, alleging that actor Dhanush was their son. Actor Dhanush has forged his education and birth certificates. Cory Kathiresan, therefore, dismissed the case pending in the JM6 Court, Madurai, seeking legal action against him.

The Madurai couple has filed a revision petition seeking that the birth certificate filed by Dhanush in this case be sent to the Chennai Corporation to verify the authenticity. The case will come to a complete end if this too is dismissed or if the birth certificate filed by Dhanush is certified by the Chennai Corporation as genuine.

In this case, actor Dhanush has to apologize for the mental anguish he suffered due to this case. Melur Kathiresan had sent a notice to the couple asking them to pay Rs 10 crore as compensation.

The Kathiresan couple have now responded to this. The reply notice they sent said: I completely deny their allegation. I can never accept that you are the son of King Kasturi. It is a mistake to say that you were born on 28.7.1983 at Egmore Government Children’s Hospital. You have filed forged documents in this matter.
They are never going to back down from being my son. For this, they have to ask for Rs 10 crore and withdraw the notice they sent. Otherwise I am prepared to face the civil and criminal case they are pursuing through the courts as per law.

Thus the answer is stated in the notice.


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