Revealed: 200-megapixel image from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Revealed: 200-megapixel image from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

This is not the first time Ice Universe An image taken with Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra leaks. Now he publishes a new photo that was taken with Samsung’s future device, an image that unfortunately has been cropped and adjusted to the required dimensions but is still a good example.

Last time, 3 comparison pictures between three popular devices were published: Galaxy S23 Ultra Together with Pixel 7 Pro and with Galaxy S22 Ultra. This time he publishes one single image which he says was taken with the 200 megapixel camera and the ISOCELL HP2 sensor that Samsung just announced.

The published image was cropped with a double zoom of 12X in order to give a close-up to it and to understand the meaning of the sensor size. According to him, there are significant differences in the images that come out of the new sensor compared to images that come out of other 108 or 200 megapixel cameras based on sensors like ISOCELL HP1, HP3, HM1 and HM3. According to us, the images look more natural, without further computer processing and without excessive sharpening.

You are welcome to watch for yourself even though it is not an easy task. The image is both shrunk by the network and cropped by the leaker, but you can still see the photographic capabilities of Samsung’s new sensor.

The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Image source: Ice Universe

In practice, Samsung has not confirmed the arrival of the new sensor in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but all estimates say that it will indeed happen. We will know for sure on February 1 when Samsung holds the Galaxy S23 series announcement event. We remind you that There will be a pre-sale For the new series in collaboration with Dynamika and Giraffe. The details will be published later.


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