«Revolution of Our Times», Hong Kong: when the heart of a city catches fire

The Kiwi Chow documentary filmed on the front line during the battles between policemen and citizens will be in cinemas from 30 June


Before being a powerful documentary, Revolution of Our Times is a courageous documentary. Very brave. Because it really takes a lot of strength and a lot of awareness to choose which side to be in Hong Kong. And if the choice is to be on the side of freedom and justice, then the risks that are run are evident and concrete. The same ones that the Hong Kong director Kiwi Chow (Ten Years) ran for having signed a work like Revolution of Our Times, expected in Italian cinemas starting from 30 June. March 15, 2019: the battle between Hong Kong and mainland China begins. Less than a month has passed since the government bill on extradition, a law that would effectively break the line of autonomy between the two legal systems, and the heart of the city catches fire … Revolution of Our Times is, in fact, the story of that fire. Of that gigantic popular revolt that will culminate on 1 July in the long siege of the Polytechnic and will end up involving two million people. Especially young and very young. A documentary as dry as it is painful, built by the director Kiwi Chow alternating the direct testimonies of the protagonists and the incredible images taken during the processions and demonstrations. Having moved to Cannes almost clandestinely, Revolution of Our Times tells us – and shows us – the facts from the inside. From the rawness of the first line. It makes us feel – and understand – how strong is the sense of belonging of Hong Kongers to Hong Kong, still far from their dream of freedom 25 years after the handover that gave it back to China. “We Hongkongers – comments Kiwi Chow – have a resilience tactic:“ to be like water ”. However, I would like to suggest a new version: “to be like blood”. We have all been deeply hurt by what we have been through over the past three years, but I believe our bonds to each other have never been stronger and our willingness to resist the regime has never been higher. We all have a new sense of unity from what we’ve been through together. Therefore I say: “be like blood”, because we are one person, one family, one community ».

June 16, 2022 – Updated June 16, 2022, 10:03 am

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