Ryanair hires 2,000 new seats for pilots

Ryanair hires. A recruitment campaign for 2,000 new pilots to be included in the crew of the aircraft to be delivered in the next 3 years is underway. The announcement today during the take-over of the fleet’s first Boeing 737-8200 Gamechanger, “helping the airline to reduce costs, fuel consumption, noise and CO2 emissions.” This is what we read in a note. The training courses take place in 2021 to be ready for summer 2022 to fill positions across Europe. Ryanair has partnered with the Dublin Airline Flight Academy to offer training for Boeing 737s as part of this recruiting campaign.

“Over the course of the pandemic, Ryanair has worked closely with their staff to save jobs and we are delighted to start planning a return to growth for the next few years as we recover from the Covid-19 crisis and hit 200. million passengers by fiscal year 2024, ”explains Darrell Hughes, Ryanair’s chief executive officer.


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