Salman Khan opposes firecrackers and Balabhishek || Salman Khan opposes firecrackers and Balabhishek

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Salman Khan opposes firecrackers and Balabhishek.

Record: November 30, 2021 23:16

‘Anthim: The Final Truth’ starring Hindi actor Salman Khan is coming to the screen and running. It stars Magima Magwana, Ayush Sharma and many more. Videos of Salman Khan fans exploding firecrackers and cheering for Salman Khan cut out in the theaters where the film was screened have spread on social media. Salman Khan, who shared firecracker and Balabhishek videos on his Instagram page, has rebuked fans for not engaging in such acts. In a post he posted, he said, “I urge fans not to explode firecrackers in theaters. Exploding firecrackers can endanger your life and the lives of others. Theater owners should not allow crackers inside the theater. Fans are wasting milk in a situation where people are struggling to even get water. Give that milk to poor children who can’t afford milk. ”

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