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(ANSA) – SANREMO, 07 MAR – “If you believe in what you are doing, you have to go straight on your own path”. The Maneskin, still euphoric for last night’s victory at the Sanremo Festival with the song Zitti e buona, claim their deserved success “but there is no sense of revenge or revenge compared to the second place of X Factor. we have largely overcome, in four years we are satisfied with our path “. The tough young people of rock yesterday showed a soft side, releasing their joy in liberating tears, Damiano in particular. “We often think that we are automatons that just play, but we are human beings like the others, who feel emotions. They were tears of joy: in that moment we realized that we had done something important”. They considered their song the last of the candidates for victory, anti-Sanremo, “but it was the perfect representation of our current project, a forerunner for the album that is about to arrive. We brought something different from what we are used to seeing on the stage of the Ariston and we were amazed by how it was understood “. The dedication is “for those who work with us and live with us”, even considering the difficult time. (HANDLE).


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