“Sberbank” reported a sharp increase in investment activity of the generation of “buzzers”

The volume of investments of representatives of the generation of “buzzers” – people born in 1997 and younger – in investment instruments increased eightfold over the year and reached 7 billion rubles, according to the results of a study conducted by Sber analysts based on statistics from Sberbank Asset Management”. This is the highest dynamics among all age groups.

The volume of investments of “millennials” (people born in 1981–1996) and “Xs” (people born in 1965–1980) doubled to 25 and 88 billion rubles. respectively. The smallest dynamics for the year was shown by “boomers”, which category includes persons born in the period from 1946 to 1964. The growth here was 50%. At the same time, the total amount of funds reached 124 billion rubles.

The total number of “millennial” investors in Sberbank has quadrupled over the year, and the number of “buzzers” – threefold. Among the Xs and Boomers, the increase was 60% and 30%, respectively.

The most popular tool among the “buzzers” are bonds: they are chosen by 55% of representatives of this category, analysts said. Another 45% prefer stocks. Among the “millennials”, these shares are divided equally. At the same time, many representatives of this generation prefer a mixed investment fund, which simultaneously invests in both stocks and bonds, Sberbank said.

Among the Xs, bonds are chosen by 60% of clients, in addition, 6% of them choose strategies with capital protection. Experts called Boomers “the most pragmatic and conservative investors” because 75% of them invest in bonds, 13% invest in the stock market through strategies with capital protection and 12% prefer stocks.

Last year, against the background of falling rates on deposits, an inflow of private investors to exchanges was recorded. According to the Moscow Exchange, the number of those in March this year exceeded 11 million.



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