Scientists decided to measure the stress level of astronauts

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Russian physicists decided to make a device that would measure the stress level of astronauts. It will work based on your blood glucose level. The work of the equipment will be checked in conditions close to zero gravity.

Research is underway on the relationship between sugar levels and stress. Then, when the information is collected and analyzed, they will make a prototype of the measuring device. It will be compact and blood will be drawn without puncture of the body.

It is assumed that the device will be useful not only for astronauts, but also for people doing strenuous work. In particular, the device will be useful for miners, rescuers, pilots, firefighters and others.

Doctors agree that stress affects a person’s blood sugar levels. At the same time, they note that there are a lot of accompanying factors – for example, food intake or physical activity. Therefore, building a clear model of the effect of sugar on stress will not work.


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