Social protection, the secret weapon of companies

These benefits in kind are another way to improve the well-being at work of employees, but also to transmit the values ​​of the company. Andrii Yalanskyi –

DECRYPTION – Health check-ups, meal vouchers, childcare assistance… Wages are no longer the only lever for attracting and retaining employees.

Between labor shortages and inflation above 6%, employees legitimately demand increases in their remuneration. Some of the employers have already granted them upgrades and anticipated the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) 2023, under pressure from the unions.

But this increase in wages represents a cost for companies and can feed the loop of inflation, without completely satisfying employees who, between taxes and additional social charges, see the gains negotiated quickly nibbled away.

Training and transport

In this context, companies are rediscovering the virtues of social protection, these benefits in kind (health insurance, meal vouchers, welfare, etc.) which are another way of improving the well-being at work of their employees, but also to transmit the values ​​of the company and to exercise their social responsibility. “There is a renewed interest in ”benefits” alongside ”compensations”, as the Anglo-Saxons say

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