Somalia, al-Shabaab suicide bomber kills the director of Radio Mogadishu Abdiaziz Afrika: “Retaliation”

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a targeted attack, with the aim of silencing what was probably an annoying voice for the terrorists. A kamikaze who attacked the car that blew up along with Abdiaziz Afrika. The director of Radio Mogadishu, at the hands of the extremists of al-Shabaab, group related to al-Qaeda in the country of Horn of Africa.

This was made known by the Ministry of Defense of Mogadishu explaining that it was an al-Shabaab suicide bomber who killed the journalist. In a statement, the al-Qaeda-linked group explained that the attack was carried out in retaliation for the execution in 2016 by the Somali government of Hassan Hanafi |, a former journalist who joined al-Shabaab. The attack was carried out a few minutes before the call to prayer for theI. Afrika was known for its programs dedicated to al-Shabaab deserters and had previously escaped several assassination attempts.

According to the broadcaster Somali Tv, the director of national television was also in the sights of the attackers Mohamed Warsame which remained badly injured in the explosion and was transferred to the hospital.

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