Health Council advises national approach against eating disorders

NOS News•today, 06:00 There must be a national approach that allows eating disorders to be recognized and treated earlier. The Health Council writes this in an advice to the Ministry of Health. According to the Council, there is currently little knowledge in society about, for example, early recognition of eating disorders, and there is also […]

Cabinet approves 21st Amendment in Sri Lanka

Colombo: The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the 21st Amendment to reduce the powers of the President of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a severe foreign exchange deficit. As a result, it is unable to import essential commodities and is facing many crises, including shortages of petrol and diesel, power cuts and rising prices. This […]

A great social ministry for Olivier Dussopt

Successor to Elisabeth Borne rue de Grenelle, Olivier Dussopt, appointed Minister of Labour, Full Employment and Integration, is officially entrusted with two of the key objectives of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term: achieving full employment in France and implement the pension reform. A shame for the one who, in 2010, judged “doubly unfair” the “willingness […]

Rima Abdul Malak, from the Élysée to the Ministry of Culture

Roselyne Bachelot was flamboyant and from the seraglio, she collected electoral mandates and ministerial folding seats. She hands over the keys to Rue de Valois to Rima Abdul Malak, a Franco-Lebanese 30 years her junior, more discreet and with a more technocratic profile. Since December 2019, she has been the Élysée’s shadow woman on cultural […]