Tamil News | Fraud of Rs. 20 lakhs from businessman

Tamil News |  Fraud of Rs. 20 lakhs from businessman

BENGALURU—A businessman lost Rs 20 lakh in a cryptocurrency scam.

Kiran Rao, 33, a resident of Whitefield, Bengaluru, is a businessman. Through social networking, a woman’s habit got. Both became friends.

In this case, the woman told Kiran that if she invests in ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘Bitcoin’, she will get more profit.

Believing this, he sent 20 lakh rupees to the bank account mentioned by the friend. But he did not get any profit. When asked by the friend, there was no proper answer from him.

Kiran came to know that he was cheated and cheated of 20 lakh rupees. He has lodged a complaint against the friend with the Whitefield Cybercrime Police. Investigation is going on.


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