Tara, a schooner at the service of science

Tara, a schooner at the service of science

INFOGRAPHICS – The mythical scientific sailboat has been criss-crossing the seas for more than fifteen years. After 22 months scrutinizing the “invisible people” of the ocean, the schooner is back in Lorient.

Outstanding ship, designed and helmed by enthusiasts since its inception, Tara is an exploration and adventure boat unique in the world. Almost a myth. An engineer’s dream, the schooner was designed in 1989 by an explorer in love with the poles: Jean-Louis Étienne. The latter aims to follow in the footsteps of the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, the first explorer to have accomplished the transpolar drift, in 1898, aboard the forwarda ship specially designed to withstand the ice.

D’Antarctica at Tara

First man to reach the North Pole alone, he will finance from his personal funds and with the help of the insurer UAP a first sailboat, Antarctica, with which he will do eight years of expeditions to Antarctica, Patagonia and Spitsbergen. But for lack of means, he sold his boat in 1999 to the famous New Zealand navigator Peter Blake, a sailing legend with two America’s Cups to his credit, the Fastnet, the formidable Sydney-Hobart race then the Tour of Australia as well as than the mythical Whitbread…

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