The arrested Tik Tok star Vineeth has private videos with many women on his phone, the police said

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Thiruvananthapuram: Tik Tok star Vineeth, who was arrested in a rape case, has private footage with several women on his phone. The police found that he had recorded private chats and kept them. The police are investigating whether he bargained or threatened by showing the footage and conversations.

Currently, Vineeth has been arrested on the charge of rape on the complaint of a college student. He asked the girl to come with him to buy a car. Then the complaint was that he took a room in a hotel in Thiruvananthapuram and raped her.
He said that earlier he was in the police and now he is working in a private channel. It was claimed that he resigned from the police due to physical ailments.

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But the police said that he has no job
His Instagram account with the official name of Vineeth is followed by about twenty thousand people. He had also uploaded videos on his Instagram account Meesha Fan Girl. Vineeth had mentioned Meesha fan girl account in his official account status. He mostly shot close-up scenes.

The police have found that Vineeth has relations with many married women. Girls on social media will also be approached and given tips to become viral on social media. It was alleged that girls and young women fell into the net and took advantage of this because they had many followers.

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