The ‘Covid-free’ printer has been patented in Perugia

( Menus, catalogs and books that can pass from hand to hand without the risk of contagion. A Perugia-based typography, Graphic Masters, has patented a new type of printer totally ‘antibacterial’ with the name ‘Happy touch’. An idea born in the middle of the lockdown, when the two founding partners, Enzo Guazzarini and Giuseppe Cellini, were wondering about a way to keep production going without suffering the repercussions of the pandemic. The answer was to apply the new sanitation needs to traditional printing, to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, museums, which have been forced to use disposable prints for a year now.

A ‘protective print’

To ensure maximum safety without wasting paper, this type of ‘protective printing’ is born, which can be used both for simple brochures and for the world of packaging. This is done through the use of sanitizing products and chemical additives inserted in the machine, in the wetting liquid and in the finishing above the sheet, capable of creating an inhospitable protective barrier for infectious particles. “It happens in this way that if I take a sheet, even if there is a bacterium or a virus on my hand, when I pass it to another person, this person will not risk contracting it, because the product will be totally sanitized”, explains Enzo Guazzarini

Used for the catalog of an exhibition on Raphael

With ‘Happy touch’ a catalog has already been printed: that of the CariPerugia Arte exhibition “Raffaello in Umbria and his legacy in the Academy”, which was held in Palazzo Baldeschi, in Perugia, between October and January, created by Fabrizio Fabbri publisher. A book that could be browsed by multiple visitors in a completely ‘Covid-free’ way. “The duration of the protection is long – explain the owners of the company – in December we analyzed this product again made in September and it was still totally sanitized”.

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The aim of the typography is to apply this new technology to the most diverse fields: not only for the brochures of museums and fairs, hotels and restaurants, but also for the books used by children in schools and above all for parcels of any kind, starting with products that are touched by many people in stores. “For now there are no other companies that have patented a similar technology – they argue – we are trying to promote it and the interest is considerable, especially for our publishing customers abroad, where there is greater demand and sensitivity towards safe products. and sanitized. It seems to us a good project – they conclude – which allows us to continue working and to look to the future ”.



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