The main star: Mbappe Ballet, 0:4 for France over the Netherlands

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The opening round of the Euro 2024 qualifiers continued tonight (Friday) when, in the main game of the match day, France ran over the Netherlands 0:4 thanks to a blitz by the world runner-up in the first 20 minutes that ended the game before it even started.

As usual, the tricolor enjoyed a wonderful day by Kylian Mbappe (’20, ’88) who starred with a double and an assist, while Griezmann also stood out when he scored the first goal in the second minute. Dayot Ofmakano took part in the celebration with a goal in the eighth minute when nothing went to the Netherlands and Memphis Depay still had time to miss a penalty in the 90th+5th minute and intensify the humiliation.

The players of the French national team celebrate at the end (Reuters)

first half

1 minute: The referee started the match!

Minute 2, a goal! France took the lead 0:1: What a great opening. Antoine Griezmann picked up a ball that led to a dangerous attack, joined the box, received it back from Kylian Mbappe and finished with an accurate kick to the corner from the box.

Mbappe and Griezmann (Reuters)Mbappe and Griezmann (Reuters)
Kingsley Coman and Antoine Griezmann (Reuters)Kingsley Coman and Antoine Griezmann (Reuters)

8th minute, a goal! France is already 0:2: A deadly opening of the tricolor. Griezmann’s lift from a free kick created a mess in the box at the end of which Dayut Opamakanu pushed from close range into the net.

Ofamakanu celebrates (Reuters)Ofamakanu celebrates (Reuters)
Opamacano is happy (Reuters)Opamacano is happy (Reuters)

Minute 20, a goal! The French did not stop and went up to 0:3: Disintegration of the Dutch defense. Orleans Tshoumani put in a deep ball, Kolo Moani wisely left it and left Mbappe alone in front of Cillessen from where the striker scored easily.

Kylian Mbappe celebrates (Reuters)Kylian Mbappe celebrates (Reuters)
Mbappe and Theo Hernandez celebrate the third (Reuters)Mbappe and Theo Hernandez celebrate the third (Reuters)

35th minute: Ibrahima Konata sent a powerful shot from the box into the corner of the goal, Jasper Cillessen reacted superbly and headed for the corner.

second half

57th minute: A strange incident. Tshoumani received the ball, caught it in his hand and threw it out claiming he was out of breath. The referee had no choice but to whistle for hand contact and issue a yellow card. Memphis kicked the free ball from about 25 meters and Manian headed to the corner.

Kylian Mbappe vs. Lotharel Khatrode (Reuters)Kylian Mbappe vs. Lotharel Khatrode (Reuters)

77th minute: Davey Klaasen caused a loose ball that brought Mbappe to a one-on-one situation, his kick went to the center of the goal and Cielsen reacted in time and headed.

88th minute, a goal! France took the lead 0:4: Kylian Mbappe continued as he maneuvered through the Dutch defense and sent a powerful flat kick into the left corner of Cillessen.

Minute 90+5, missed penalty: Just not the Dutch’s day. Memphis Depay had a chance to sweeten the pill with a penalty, but was stopped on the kick and rebound by Manian.

The composition of the French national team: Mike Mannion, Jules Conde, Ibrahima Konata, Dayut Opamakanu, Theo Hernandez, Orlean Tshoumani (Eduardo Kamabinga, ’77), Adrien Rabiot (Kafran Touram, ’89), Antoine Griezmann (Yosef Popana, ’77), Kingsley Coman ( Moussa Diaby, ’67), Kylian Mbappe and Randall Kolo Moani (Olivier Giroud, ’77).

Netherlands team composition: Jasper Cielsen, Nathan Ake, Virgil van Dijk, Lotcharl Hatroda (Tyrel Malaysia, ’87), Jurien Timber, Maarten de Roon (Daily Blind, ’67), Kenneth Taylor (Watt and Horst, ’33), George Yanio Wijnaldum, Xavi Simmons (Davy Klaassen, 67), Steven Berghaus (Steven Berghwin, 67) and Memphis Depay.

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