The Ministry of Digital Science proposed to restrict the registration of Russians for an appointment with authorities or multifunctional centers (MFC) through the “Gosuslugi” portal and official websites in case of exceeding the limit of requests from one user for a certain period of time. This follows from the draft government decree published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The restriction applies to state and municipal services. It is also proposed to extend it to the MFC, if the latter have an agreement on interaction with a government agency or organization. The number of time slots for making an appointment for one applicant will be established by administrative regulations.

In addition, the Ministry of Digital Science believes that it is necessary to check the generated requests by a single portal or official website automatically in the process of filling in each of the fields of the electronic request form by the user. If the field is filled in incorrectly, the applicant will receive a notification about the nature of the error and the procedure for its elimination directly in the request form.

In Russia, since December 1, a law has been in effect on access to socially significant domestic Internet portals on a free basis. The procedure for determining such resources is established by the Cabinet. In particular, it will include websites of state and municipal authorities, non-budgetary funds and portals of public services, as well as news aggregators, search services, some social networks and online stores (including VK, TASS and Ozon) – 371 resources in total. In the experimental mode, the “social Internet” began to be tested in April last year, subsequently the experiment was extended until December 31, 2021.


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