the obstacles to breaking the “conspiracy of silence”

the obstacles to breaking the “conspiracy of silence”

2023-09-24 22:10:34

The State Attorney General’s Office continues to take steps in the search for new reparation options for minors who have been victims of sexual abuse and assault within the Church. His latest proposal addresses the “need” to fully confront the responsibility of the Catholic Church in cases of pedophilia committed by members of the institution by “extending the accusation” to possible concealers within congregations or religious orders and focusing on the ways for the institution to have to pay compensation to the victims.

The initiative, included in the report of the State Attorney General’s Office for the year 2022, is relevant because it emphasizes compensation by the Church for cases of pedophilia and points directly to the dynamics of concealment that have worked in many congregations or religious orders and that has done so much damage to minors and their environments. A mechanic that, until now, has been very difficult to break in an institution used to washing dirty linen behind closed doors.

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