The Sandro Miller’s international photography exhibition in Arpino

The cutting of the ribbon, the commitment of the organizers, the video message of the author and all together the pleasant journey through the works of the master Sandro Miller. With the inauguration ceremony at the Ladislao Castle in Arpino it was opened to the public the international exhibition of Sandro Miller Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich – Tribute to the great masters of photography, the artistic exhibition organized by the IndieGesta association, the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone and the Mastroianni Foundation. (PHOTO)

The event was attended by the councilor of the Lazio Region, Sara Battisti, the regional councilors Mauro Buschini and Loreto Marcelli, the vice president of the Province Luigi Vacana, the mayor of Arpino Luciano Rea and the commander of the Compagnia dei Carabinieri di Sora, major Valentino Iacovacci, together with several local administrators and teachers and guests of the Academy of Fine Arts.

In the space dedicated to the promoters of the initiative, the president of the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation, Andrea Chietini, explained the intense work that led to the reopening of the Ladislao Castle together with all the members of the IndieGesta association and the Frosinone Academy of Fine Arts. : “The long closure period imposed by the pandemic has put us in front of a severe test. With the Sandro Miller exhibition we have chosen to get out of the dark in the best way, offering the public a unique and extraordinary event and putting our precious Castle back at the center, respecting the enhancement of the beauties of our territory “.

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For the president of the association Alessandro Ciotoli, the ribbon cutting of the exhibition Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich – Homage to the great masters of photography “is the realization of two dreams: that of about fifty members who have been active in the area for twenty years and who this time they wanted to promote an event that could mark the difference with the past and that of the photographer Sandro Miller, known and consecrated for his shots in half the world who, however, had the desire to pay a particular tribute to the land that gave birth to his mother, Elena Paris, born in Ferentino. In the union of these two dreams, with the collaboration of the Academy and the Foundation, we have been able to offer an extraordinary exhibition which, we hope, will be attractive for our province but above all which will make us look at our province and all its beauties “.

As she did during the press conference last week, the Lazio Region councilor Sara Battisti reminded everyone of her support “for an event that has all the characteristics to allow us to implement the best administrative line. When the president of the Ciotoli association came to propose Miller’s exposition, I had no doubts, for three reasons: we intend to listen to the proposals that come to us from our Ciociaria, we intend to give space to culture and we want to do so by putting the our resources and our territorial heritage “.

There was no shortage of tributes from Mayor Rea who congratulated everyone and said he was “proud to be able to host such an important event in the city of Arpino”, as well as congratulations for the initiative by the Vice President of the Province, Luigi Vacana .

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With a hint of emotion, the director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, and also director of the Mastroianni Foundation, Loredana Rea remarked on the value of Miller’s work: “An extraordinary exhibition for the author but also for the exceptional and successful agreement achieved with the interpretation of Jhon Malkovich. Not just a face, but a true interpreter of shots that are in the collective imagination, if we think of Marilyn Monroe, Salvador Dalì, Muhammed Alì, Maryl Streep … “

In closing, after the thanks to all the participants mentioned by President Chietini one by one, the applauded video message with which Sandro Miller explained his link with Ciociaria and above all with whom he made an appointment in the first week of August when he will be in Arpino , in Ferentino and Ceccano.

The international exhibition “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich – Homage to the great masters of photography” signed by photographer Sandro Miller will be open to the public until 26 September at the Ladislao Castle in Arpino (FR). The exhibition, organized by the IndieGesta association, the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone and the Mastroianni Foundation, in collaboration with diChroma, is supported by the Lazio Region and sponsored by the Province of Frosinone, the Municipality of Arpino, the Chamber of Commerce and the Asi Consortium.


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