TikTok star at Doc syringe: Esra’s getting a big lip | Regional

Quarter – Esra (27) started working in a gas station in Oldenburg 18 months ago. Now she is a celebrated TikTok star as a “gas station lady” (1.7 million followers). How did the student do it?

BILD meets Esra at “Doc Syringe” in the district. “I wasn’t doing so well at the time,” says Esra. “My parents had separated, I moved from Lübeck to Oldenburg.”

Esra lets celebrity darling Dr. Bünyamin Özgören (32) injected the lips for the second time

Photo: Verena Hornung

The job in the gas station came at just the right time. “I had fun from day one,” she says. “When a customer asked if we also carry cigarettes – I thought that was so funny because the boxes were right behind me.” In short: Esra shot this video that went viral – 2 to 3 million views.

At Dr. Bünyamin Özgören (32) has a big lip for Esra. Topping up with hyaluron, about 12 stitches ”, says the beauty doctor. Costs around 250 euros, lasts around six months.

Incidentally, Esra will soon be a business lawyer and is currently doing her master’s degree. “Don’t worry, my videos will continue,” she promises the fans. Soon maybe even with another channel on Youtube.



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