UBP Lefke Deputy Karanfil: “Liberty was not easily obtained”

UBP Lefke Deputy Karanfil: “Liberty was not easily obtained”

2023-08-16 18:51:05

In the message of Carnation, “The struggle of the sons of the country, who put their lives on the line for the future generations to live freely and freely, in Lefke will never be forgotten.” He underlined that the Motherland Turkey used its right of guarantor and started the Happy Peace Operation on the morning of July 20, 1974, and that the borders were redrawn with the second phase of the operation.

Karanfil continued his explanation as follows:

“As always, the target of the Greek Cypriot coup plotters CyprusThere were Turks. This mentality, whose aim was to make the island a Greek island, faced the slap of the Motherland Turkey on the morning of 20 July. There was very little time left until the end of the Greek captivity and the liberation of the Turkish Cypriots, when the heroic Turkish Cypriot people gained their freedom in the second phase of the operation. Turkish soldiers and mujahideen reached the Lefke region on August 16, 1974, ending the captivity and proclaiming the liberation of Lefke.

If we live freely in these lands today, we owe it to our Ancestors, our Motherland, to the children and heroes of our country who fought for us in the past, shed blood and drank the sherbet of martyrdom. The greatest response to the Greeks, who could not tolerate a single Turk on the island, was given with the Peace Operation, the persecution came to an end, and our freedom was crowned with the declaration of our state.

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On this occasion, I commemorate all of our heroes who took part in the defense of the country, defended their lands at the cost of their lives, and were martyred, and I express our gratitude to our veterans.

And on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of our beautiful Lefke, I would like to emphasize once again that; The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will live forever.”

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