Ukraine destroyed Russia’s storage base..! Released video..!

Ukraine destroyed Russia’s storage base..!  Released video..!

A video of Ukraine destroying a Russian storage site near Pakmut has surfaced on the Internet.

Russia-Ukraine War:

The war between Ukraine and Russia started on February 24, 2022. Thousands of people died in both countries in this war. More damage was done. A year after the start of the war, various countries are advising Russia to stop the war on Ukraine.

Russian storage site:

Since then, the war has been going on in the Baghmut area for several months, but a video showing the destruction of the Russian storage base near Baghmut by the Ukrainian forces has been released on the Internet. The video was shared by The Independent on its YouTube channel. The Russian army and the mercenary group Wagner have reportedly lost tens of thousands of soldiers in the salt-mining town of Pakmut.

Video Credits : The Independent


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