US, Twitter cancels 150,000 QAnon conspiracy accounts


Twitter closed over 150,000 accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory after the assault on the United States Congress on January 6. Company sources told broadcaster CBS, pointing out that most of the profiles belonged to “real people” in America, some of whom had more than one, but there were no fake accounts spread from abroad.

Many of Donald Trump’s supporters who stormed Congress are followers of conspiracy theory, including the famous “shaman of QAnon” immortalized in the Senate with a fur headdress and bison horns. Twitter sources explained that the same strategies used to counter the spread of messages related to terrorism and the sexual exploitation of minors were used against Qanon. This conflict was already active before the assault on Congress, but became more decisive after January 6.

Spread on social media by a mysterious Q, the delusional conspiracy theory believes that Trump is the last bastion against a satanic sect of pedophiles nested in the ganglia of the state, the Democratic party and among Hollywood stars.


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